School Leavers Employment Support Helps Young Graduate with Disability Closer to Dream Job

Tyson Chadwick has always had a love of trucks and transportHe did his school work experience placement in the industry, and now, with the help of are-able School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES), Tyson is on his way to beginning his dream career by working towards an apprenticeship with a freight company.  

Tyson joined the (SLES) program, offered as part of disability services Mildura, in early 2020 after completing his secondary education with Mildura Specialist School. Tyson has been working with are-able SLES Consultants Chelsea McInnes and Nathan Jones.  

“Tyson is such a joy to have in the SLES program, he has such a beautiful and vibrant personality and he’s so committed to a career in this industry. We’re grateful to be working with him to achieve his dream,” said Chelsea.  

As part of his SLES program, Tyson is undertaking Certificate I in Work Education at SuniTAFEThe SLES program is available through the NDIS for students leaving school who have a significant disability and require support with the transition from school to employment. Consultant Chelsea explained that the program is designed for each person. 

“We make it unique to each participant and tailor it to help them reach their goals,” she said.  “At the beginning of remote-learning we were able to purchase Tyson a laptop and help him and his mum get it set up with the necessary programs and security. It helps Tyson’s independence in getting his TAFE assessments completed participating in his SLES sessions.” 

Covid-19 has created some frustrations for Tyson with remote learning, but are-able has helped him gain confidence, skills and independence. Chelsea and Nathan assisted with his resume and helped him plan his work commute. Tyson is enthusiastic about SLES. 

“I love what SLES does and I like working with Nathan and Chelsea. SLES has helped me towards getting a job and a good career, he said. “I love trucks and being around the transport and freight industries and they’re helping me get there.”  

Chelsea and Nathan are looking forward to seeing Tyson learn and grow.   

“He’s grown so much through the SLES program already, we can’t wait to see him in his chosen career!” said Chelsea.  

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