are-able Social Enterprise COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update!

are-able is a community focused not-for-profit organisation offering Disability Employment Services (DES), jobactive programmes, Training (RTO), Social Enterprises, NDIS programs and activities. For over thirty years, are-able has been reaching out a helping hand to its local communities, improving the lives of people through employment and connection.

As the first stage of restrictions eased, the are-able Social Enterprise division had slowly seen a sense of ‘normality’ return with the Big R’s Shed, the Big Green Shed, E-Waste, Clear Cut, Nigretta of Hamilton, Steam & Clean and NDIS Activities all re-opening for business. But with the recent escalation of COVID-19, The Victorian State Government have announced as of Thursday 6th August, regional Victoria will move back to Stage 3 restrictions.

For are-able Social Enterprises, the number-one priority is the health and safety of the staff and participants. They decided to adapt the are-able Social Enterprise businesses and activities as follows:

  • Big R’s Shed – closed from 4pm Wednesday 5th August and operate online via Facebook with a click and collect model. Currently not accepting donations.
  • Big R’s Coffee – closed from 4pm Wednesday 5th August
  • Big Green Shed – close from 4pm Wednesday 5th August 2020. Currently not accepting donations
  • Nigretta of Hamilton – continue to operate with a reduced capacity. Products available for purchase through website
  • Clear Cut – continue to operate with a reduced capacity
  • Steam & Clean – continue to operate with a reduced capacity
  • NDIS Activities – suspended from 4pm Wednesday 5th August 2020

Social Enterprise Director Jack Melican is determined to care for the safety of the are-able clients and staff.

“The health and safety of our are-able community is the most important thing right now. We’re doing all the right things to keep people as safe as possible, particularly our most vulnerable people,” he said.

Due to the rise of COVID-19, are-able will be temporarily removing all clothes recycling hubs and The Big R’s Shed, and limiting E-Waste drop off facilities to the public.

“We realise with so many people staying at home, many of you will be using this time to do a clean-out of unwanted clothes and other saleable items,” said Jack. “But we ask that you please hold these goods at home for now.”

The community has shown a high level of support and patience as are-able adapted to the fast-moving changes during the pandemic.

“A big thank you to everyone who has continued to support the Big R’s Shed as well as those who supported the opening of the Big R’s Coffee shop,” said Jack.

are-able Social Enterprises is looking forward to returning its businesses to full capacity and the drop-off facilities will again accept the community’s generous donations and support.

Jack says everyone is looking forward to a return to normal operations.

“When we’re able to reopen, we will gratefully accept the brilliant support and kind donations the community can offer us. We look forward to seeing everyone’s faces again!”