Pink Hair for a Worthy Cause

Tori McCann has seen the devastating effects of breast cancer on those closest to her and wanted to do her part to help. When chatting with her colleagues at are-able Social Enterprise, Tori realised just how many people had been impacted by this terrible illness and was compelled to put her bright pink hair to use.

“I decide that if I’m going to have pink hair I should also try and raise some funds and awareness for breast cancer. I was amazed by many people I knew who been impacted by breast cancer, however it just wasn’t something we’d ever talked about. This past month, my hair and fundraising has prompted important conversations which I’m incredibly grateful for” she said.

For the month of June Tori has ran various fundraising initiatives.

As a final fundraising effort and end of the month celebration, are-able Social Enterprises & The Big R’s Shed turned pink for the day.

They had pink decorations, hosted a pink morning tea and everyone dressed up in the finest pink attire.

The celebration helped boost Tori’s total fundraising efforts to $1881.00.

“Thank you to everyone who donated and support my fundraising efforts. This money will be going towards breast cancer research which is so important in our search to find a cure.” Said Tori.