5 ways we can make life easier when you recruit

Hands up who in business loves recruiting? Be honest.

(We know… most business owners would admit it’s up there with sticking pins in their eyes!)

As much as it’s necessary, we know that employee recruitment is something that makes business owners cringe. Why? Because it takes time. And time is money. And that’s even if and when you find the right person.

Add to that the reality that recruiting new employees usually happens because someone has left, rather than because the business is growing… which means that as a business owner, you’re already losing precious time and money covering a gap in resources, even before you take the time to advertise, interview, assess and train.

As a jobactive provider, this is where are-able can assist local businesses. As a recruitment service, our organisation’s purpose is to help you find the right kind of people for your operation, with the added bonus of being able to do it at no cost to your business.

So how does are-able work with businesses to find the right fit? Below are five ways our service can make life easier when a workplace has to recruit.

  1. We have real local knowledge

Because are-able is connected to its local community, we understand the needs of local businesses, and the local business and job market.

  1. You can leave the screen-and-shortlisting to us

Day-to-day, you run a business. Day-to-day, we screen and shortlist jobseekers. Working with are-able means you can stick to what you do best, knowing that experts are on to the job that needs to be done, but you haven’t got the time to do.

Because this is what we do everyday, our Employment Consultants are experienced in identifying who offers the best potential and skill set that you’re looking for, and knowing how that will fit within your business.

  1. We can offer wage subsidies

Using jobactive to find the right fit for your business means you may be able to access a payment designed to make it easier to introduce a new person to your workplace.

These wage subsidies apply if you employ an eligible jobseeker – as much as $6500 being available if you employ an eligible jobseeker under 30 years of age, long-term unemployed, indigenous or a parent; and $10k if you take on a mature-aged jobseeker. Our Employment Consultants can explain this better if you want to know more.

These payments can be used to meet the costs involved in training new additions to your workplace, or other costs involved in the process of adding new employees to your team.

Speak to an are-able employment consultant for the full explanation of how the subsidies work and how to ensure you’re eligible for this financial help.

  1. Financial help to organise extra training and/or equipment

In addition to subsidies, are-able may be able to organise financial assistance for other investments your business needs to make to ensure your new jobseeker is the right fit.

This could include extra training. Purchasing of new equipment, or workwear. Again, our Employment Consultants will be able to help with any questions about what you can be covered for, to help make it easier to find the right fit.

  1. It’s not a once-off

are-able’s support continues even after you’ve added someone new to your team.

Adding someone to your workplace via a jobactive provider like are-able means you’ll get support from us after your new employee has started, so we can make sure both you, and your new addition, are finding everything is working – or if there’s more that needs to be done, we can help even more.

Wondering how you can find us, to learn more about how we can help? We’re in 15 locations across Victoria and South East South Australia – find our office details here.