Mature-age job seekers – what employers want

Are you starting the new year with a resolution to find a new job? The RIGHT job? 

While a lot of businesses might be either too busy at the moment to consider new employees, or still in holiday-mode, now is a perfect time to re-assess the tools and approaches you use to make an impression on employers, and show that when it comes to work, older means smarter.

Here’s five tips to consider as you contemplate what’s ahead for you in 2018.

1. Match your strengths and interests to the job you want

A strong resume and well-written cover letter is important – but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one size fits all.

Consider the job you are applying for and work out how you can highlight what it is about your skills and experience that are a good fit for the work you will be doing.

are-able’ Employment Consultants are great at identifying what it is that will make you and your skills and experience stand out to an employer – and resume preparation is one of the services we provide to jobseekers.

2. Be proactive

It’s like the saying, ‘if Muhammad won’t come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Muhammad’.

Don’t think that you have to wait for a job to be advertised for it to be available.

You can approach employers directly if you feel passionate or really enthusiastic about a particular line of work – or if you know that you have what they need or are looking for. Many employers love to see a jobseeker with initiative.

Not sure how to go about approaching an employer? Again, our Employment Consultants can help go over what you need to do, and how to prepare. 

3. Follow-up

If you have spoken to, or met with a potential employer, but still haven’t heard about the position, don’t be afraid to follow up.

Give them a call. Ask if the position has been filled.

Again, initiative and self-motivation are highly-rated traits in employees.

Remember to be polite, friendly and positive – even if it turns out you weren’t the chosen applicant. You never know when that business will be looking for another new addition to their business… or when they know someone else who is (and they can make a recommendation!)

4. Don’t be shy

We know. It’s hard to talk yourself up. But a job interview is no time to be modest.

Be upfront. Be proud of yourself. Make sure that workplace knows that you’re exactly what they need – and that the business will be better if you are part of it.

We can help you prepare for a job interview, by going through things like what questions you might be asked, what sort of questions you can ask, and how to best-present yourself and what you have to offer.

5. Don’t just say it, show it

Do you have evidence of why you’ll be an asset to the business?

Then bring them. Show them.

Make sure you demonstrate to the person or people interviewing you what it is that makes you valuable. Don’t just say it, show it. 

Examples are hard to ignore and also demonstrate that you are resourceful and thoughtful – because it shows that you’ve tried to find a way to demostrate your skills and capabilities.

Keen to turn a new leaf in this new year? Contact your local are-able office to make a start.